Attaching the Feet

Screw the plastic feet into the underside of the ground baseplate.



Front Brace Board and Side Panels

Loosely attach the front brace board to the two side panels with six of the base assembly screws in the predrilled holes.

You can use the supplied 4mm hex wrench to tighten the screws (I used a hex key drill bit to make the job easier in an electric screwdriver to screw them in most of the way, but I finished them off manually).

Ensure the "Skyquest IntelliScope" labels are facing outwards, and the front brace board is oriented so the threaded metal insert for the vertical stop is facing the interior of the base.

Do not completely tighten the screws yet.

Note the Vertical Stop metal insert on the inner side of the front brace board.







Tighten the screws further, but not completely tight yet.









Attaching the Top Baseplate to the Side Panels

Connect the side panel and brace board assembly to the top baseplate using the remaining 6 base assembly screws.

I found it easier to sit the assembly on its back on the worktop.

Make sure the side of the baseplate with the pilot hole near the square-shaped cutout is facing downwards.

Note the pre-drilled holes in the photo to the right which the screws will pass through.




Close-up of the baseplate underside. Identify the pilot hole on the "underside" of the top baseplate (its the tiny hole at far left of this photo).

This side must face downwards.







Left photo: To get started I inserted two of the screws through the baseplate and offered it up to the corresponding holes in the bottoms of the side panels, with the pilot-hole side of the baseplate facing to the right, then screwed them in.

Right photo with the top two screws holding the baseplate in place, insert the other screws into their holes and start them by hand.






Now progress around the baseplate gradually tightening them up.

Then turn the assembly the right way up and continue to tighten all of the screws in the side panels firmly.

At this stage the dobsonian base should be as in the photo to the right.







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