Why this intro?
Because I'm a big fan of music by Ulrich Schnauss, and I really like this video for his dreamy, spacey track called Einfeld.
Astronomy is about being "out there", in the deep and mysterious primieval universe.
Stargazing is about observing the beauty of the worlds that surround us, and considering the immensity of the gaps in between.
You and I are the tiniest creatures born from "aeons" of chaotic explosions, gravitational contractions and collections.
Our hearts and minds were forged in the furnaces of a trillion suns.

Aeons: The term appropriated by Gnostic heresiarchs to designate the series of spiritual powers evolved by progressive emanation from the eternal Being,
and constituting the Pleroma or invisible spiritual world, as distinct from the Kenoma, or visible material world.

The great mystery of what we are, where we came from and why we exist, will forever drive us to seek answers to the riddle of the Universe (and enjoy the view along the way!).
~ Cogitaire est Vivare - Sit Atur ad Astra ~

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