Photography Method

Afocal Point-and-Shoot

These are the very first afocal photographs I took with my Orion XT10i and can't you just tell ! They are very basic, using a point-and-shoot camera, simply by holding the camera (a little 7.1MPixel Pentax Optio L30) up to the eyepiece, and using it in Auto mode, with a little use of the optical Zoom as well. The pictures were taken over about a half-hour period on 17/12/07 around 2:00am.

Mars Planets

Not that the time really matters because these photos might as well represent boiled sweets rather than a true scientific representation of the actual planet Mars, hence my tongue in cheek addition of the Mars Planets chocolates wrapper! Well the chocolates were quite good even if my pics aren't.

With the few photos I loaded onto my PC, I used Adobe Photoshop CS2 to try to make something of the photos I had taken, but they are so pathetic, over-exposed and with so little detail that I decided just to have some fun and totally mess about with Photoshop to give some colour and variety.

So please accept my apologies if you thought you were going to see something professional! You will have to look at my Moon, Saturn and Jupiter photos for some better pictures.

Never mind at least these Mars pics are a record of my very first attempts at astrophotography, so that in years to come I can look back and have a good laugh at them.

It really is Mars - honest!



This photo below is probably about the most accurate of Mars, even so it is too over-exposed because my little Optio L30 was just set to Auto mode, and I hadn't explored how much I could adjust the exposure and aperture to make it take a better photograph.