XT10 LabelMotorised EQ mounts can take much longer to set up and align, and to move from one viewing object to another, release clamps, move, align, and lock-off again.

Or in the case of GoTo mounts, even though these have faster skew rates to "go" quickly "to" a new object in a different part of the sky, the immediacy and simplicity of a Dobsonian mount is ideal for beginners to astronomy, youngsters or those who are technically challenged!

I really like the combination of the IntelliScope Computer Object Locator with the Dobsonian mounted XT10.

It means I have been able to spend my money on a high-quality large aperture OTA, making savings by not having to spend half my bucks on an expensive German EQ mount that is strong and sturdy enough to support such a large tube, and even though I don't have the luxury of motorised GoTo control, I do have fast, accurate, computerised location of deep sky objects which my XT10i is capable of showing me.

Not only has this allowed me to get clear bright views of the night sky, but this excellent OTA could later be upgraded onto a German EQ mount with GoTo capability when I am confident that I will pursue the hobby, and wish to venture into more advanced astrophotography.

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