XT10 Dobsonian BaseThis results in almost complete elimination of unwanted vibration and oscillation; the inevitable downfall of many budget telescope mounts. On many cheap telescopes the image seems to bounce around for several seconds after the scope has been moved, but this is not the case with the XT dobsonians.

At the top of the base can be seen the (optional) metal holster which is used to hold the IntelliScope Computer Object Locator. The holster can be screwed on anywhere you like, but this is just the location I chose.

The knob just below that is the CorrecTension Altitude Bearing friction adjuster, and just below that is the computer connector port where the cables from the object locator plug in to communicate with the altitude and azimuth sensors digital-encoders.

The design of the dobsonian base has been improved from the original "classic" Skyquest look, and I think it has a more sleek appearance.

Allen-key head type bolts are used throughout the base to fasten everything together, and once tightened the whole base is rock solid. It needs to be because the main 10 inch tube is quite a hefty beast.

Placing the OTA into the base requires a little care not to bash the altitude sensor, i.e. make sure you align it between the main bearings then drop it into position, but otherwise this task is very quick and easy.

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